Helix has been comprehensively engineered to allow ultimate flexibility and efficiency during ISR missions. The platform consists of an efficient ES-15 Single Engine aircraft and mobile Ground Control Station communicating through a highspeed data link. A high-grade optical payload transmits live ‘real time’ HD imaging to the Ground Control Station where missions are operated and controlled from.

Helix harnesses the efficiency of its airframe to perform long endurance flights with low noise and visual signatures. The aircraft also possesses 2 under-wing hardpoints which are available for the integration of client preferred payload options.

Helix 1
  • LOSCom equipped | Range of over 100km
  • ES-15 Motor Glider Airframe | 8-10 hour endurance
  • Hensoldt Argos II HD standard Payload | High-grade optics with infrared and thermal outputs
  • Ground Control Station | Highly ruggedized and mobile for rapid deployment
  • Datalink | Payload output transmitted seamlessly to Ground Control Station
  • 2 inner wing hardpoints | Completely customisable to integrate any payload


Wing span 18.0m 59.10ft
Length 8.50m 27.90ft
MTOW 1.100kg 2,425lb
Payload (incl.fuel &pilot) 350kg 770lb
Engine Rotax 914F2
MTOP 115hp
MCP 100kg
  • Retractable undercarriage
  • Detachable outer wings
  • 130 | / 35.6 US gallon fuel capacity
  • Two underwing hardpoints 2 x 80kg / 2 x 175lb capacity configuration as wet hard points possible
  • Single pilot with camera mount under fuselage or two seat configurations possible
  • Full glass cockpit customer configured
Glide ratio 36.1
Operating speed 93-270km/h /50-146kt
Operating ceiling 4,877m / 16,000ft
Range 1,300km 700nm on internal fuel 2,500km 1,350nm with external fuel
Fuel consumption 15|/h/3.9 US gal/h
  • 10 hrs in manned configuration
  • Very low noise signature: 59 dBA (acc.ICAO Annex 16 Vol1 Ch 3)
  • Low radar cross section and low IR signature



Helix comes equipped with a high-grade optical payload in the Argos II HD from Hensoldt. These optics are built for ISR, providing infrared and thermal imaging solutions among its additional features without restriction.

Helix also allows 2 additional payloads through inner-wing hardpoints on the aircraft. Payload integration is entirely customisable as Helix supports wholesale payload options. Clients are able to integrate their own payload or have CADG acquire and integrate on their behalf, to accomplish all objectives on ISR missions.



The Ground Control Station (GCS) is a vital component of the Helix ISR platform. The GCS houses mission control and payload operation while also receiving all payload output collected on ISR missions. The GCS also encompasses equipment that communicates with the aircraft and establishes a high-speed data link to deliver the intelligence.

All components comprising of the GCS are highly ruggedized and mobile, allowing rapid deployment of the platform. Configurations are highly customisable as the components can be fitted into the client’s choice of enclosure. CADG offers everything from temporary configurations to turn-key more permanent enclosures to assure the needs of the client are met.


Tactical Deployment Unit (TDU)

Provides communications between GCS and aircraft and runs mission software. Connected to all interfaces in ground control station.


Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Controls for payload and mission software, displays mission and shows payload output.


Aircraft Tracking Antenna

Establishes the highspeed data link with a range of up to 150km Line of Sight (LOS)


Helix 2 is CADG’s next ISR innovation that builds upon the capability of its predecessor, while adding unique new features to the platform. Upgrades to the aircraft and integrated systems result in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) capabilities. The UAV mode provides enhanced ISR coverage and increases hardpoint capacity. Helix 2 aims vastly improve capability on a proven and flexible ISR service.

Key Features:

  • UAV functionality
  • Hardpoint capacity increase
  • Next-Gen optics
  • Enhanced endurance


Night photo edited

Missions of all varieties are supported by Helix with a platform free of restrictions and highly capable of integrating client specified payloads for precise missions. Helix offers an ISR solution seeking to simplify usage and maximize capability as reflected in the range of service provisions available.

Fee for Service

  • Client designates mission
  • CADG operates and performs mission
  • Client receives all output/Intel

CADG Owned, Client Operated

  • Helix platform leased to client
  • CADG trains client operators & pilots
  • Best for classified missions

Client Purchase

  • Client purchases Helix ISR platform
  • CADG to offer training & maintenance support
  • Configuration determined by client
    • Ground station layout
    • Helix integrates systems

Everything in Between

Helix can be tailored to the level of ISR support needed by client

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