The Helix ISR platform is wholly owned by CADG Aeronautical Innovations, which is part of the CADG group of companies. This proprietary product offers its customers a low cost ISR solution, without compromising on quality or effectiveness. Helix adds this unparalleled quality system to CADG’s well-established group of companies and capabilities with a comprehensive footprint across Africa and the Middle East. As a company with years of operating experience in challenging environments, we have a deep understanding of the requirement for reliable ISR services across all business, government and organizational disciplines.


Aviation Manager

Craig Munro

Craig has been a key member of CADG’s aviation division, successfully leading our operations in The Middle East and Africa. After 15 years of working in post conflict and austere regions of the world, Craig has a wealth of experience in performing a full suite of aviation services. Craig will use his aviation knowledge to manage the Helix ISR Platform as it strives to provide reliable ISR services for clients from all sectors.

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